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Boom Beach A Game You Shouldn’t Miss on Mobile Devices

Boom Beach Unlimited Diamonds

Lt. Hammerman and its evil Blackguard are rising and invading the islands. Not to mention the problems that are caused by Dr. Terror. If you are a Boom Beach player, then you can easily discern that the game requires you not just to fight them off but you have to build your own island base from the ground up. Yes, Boom Beach is another strategy game, particularly a base building one. And to top it off, its from the same company which made Clash of Clans. But do not go anywhere because there is more to it.

Boom Beach is not your typical base building game. Upon starting the game for the first time, you as the player is given an island where you can build your base. Raw materials can be found from the surroundings which then can be used to fortify your base. The game is quite competitive in nature and there is a lot of pressure in this case, so players must strategically build their base and upgrade their facilities as necessary. Players may also work together to fight enemy bases in the form of task forces. But as you will soon find out not all players are willing to team up.

Personally speaking, I have first read about Boom Beach unlimited diamond hack online on the blog and when I saw the article I was pretty excited that I was going to review it when I finally had a chance to play the game.  I was quite intrigued with how the Supercell and Boom Beach is going to make a difference knowing the fact that it is on the same genre as Clash of Clans. I started off just like everyone else. It was really starting from the bottom but I must admit it was only a matter of time before I had a well-established base. I took to time to explore the archipelago with the intentions of being in the neighborhood resource bases. Boom Beach, definitely give this game a try. It’s well worth your time and since it’s free to play you can check it out right now.

Agricultural Sim Game in the Form of Hay Day


To give us new perspective on a new genre of game, we’re looking at Hay Day, which some considers as an epic agriculture game.  The game is a product by the brilliant minds of Supercell. Despite is pretty simplistic approach — plant, harvest and liquidate your way to the top of the leaderboards online. Get ready for an all exclusive never before seen review with some delightful footage and insights about Hay Day coming up.

To give you the idea of the game, players are incharged with building an agricultural empire from a plot of land. As mentioned above, a variety of plants, vegetables, and crops can be planted. It can be then harvested and then traded for a profit. These profits can then be used for expansions, upgrades and they can also  customize their farm with various structures, walkways, and different kinds of machines and buildings. All tools and instructions are provided up front for players. Farms are saved automatically.

The game may be a bit difficult at the beginning, but  once you get a feel for the controls it’s a very easy game to play. At the time of Hay Day review, the game already has over 200,000 visits with an 85 percent approval rating and it’s completely free to play. But if you’re the ambitious farmer, premium features are available with the platforms respective online stores. To be honest when I saw the title at this game, I immediately thought Farmville and then I slapped myself because their game is sold five years ago.

Anyway, I started off on a farm with beloved rocks and trees, with little room for crops. So I worked day and night to clear space. Soon, I planted all the seeds that I had and went from there. I ended up with a thriving farm for vegetables, decorations etc. One of the drawbacks of the game was that some other tools only worked with a particular crop. But for the most part everything is neat and the game is a totally worth thing to kill some time. Hay Day hack blog may be outdated knowing that there are new games that are released each and everyday, but there are things that are uniquely within its realm that other titles simply can’t duplicate.

Proven Consequences of Anxiety Research Shown

If you suffer from anxiety, you probably have a harder time dealing with life’s uncertainties. But don’t worry, it’s not a reflection on you. It’s a reflection on your brain. Let’s be honest, the only thing worse than anxiety is when anxiety makes you anxious. Turns out, it’s a bit of a cycle. A team of scientists from the University of California Berkeley and the University of Oxford recently studied how people respond to unpredictability and they found that those prone to high anxiety have a harder time reading social and environmental cues that could help them avoid a negative outcome.

Imagine if a longtime friend were to suddenly lash out at you. Mood swings might be normal for your friend, or their outburst might be indicative that your friendship is deteriorating. If you’re prone to anxiety, you might not be able to draw from your years of friendship to know how to react to avoid making things worse. It comes down to a glitch in the brain’s decision-making circuitry, which is typically indicative of anxiety disorders. Processing incoming information and drawing on past experiences from memories are vital in decision-making, as are using logic and probability. We have to draw conclusions from past events to determine the best course of action now. But these same parts of the brain are involved in anxiety reactions.

Key parts of the brain that produce fear and anxiety include the amygdala and the hippocampus. Scientists think the amygdala acts as a communications point between the parts of the brain that process incoming sensory signals and the parts that interpret these signals. Emotional memories are also stored in the amygdala. The hippocampus encodes past threatening events like a near fall from a rooftop into these memories. The memories and experiences the amygdala drawson can trigger an anxiety response.We all have amygdalas, hippocampuses, and memories, so why do some of us experience anxiety more than others? Some people are genetically predisposed to anxiety, naturally unable to create some mood-controlling neurotransmitters — chemicals that give your brain information about how you should react and act in a situation. For other people, anxiety is linked to hormone imbalance.

To see how anxiety affects decision-making, this UC Berkeley and Oxford team put 31 young and middle-aged adults with a wide range of baseline anxiety levels through a simple test. Participants were seated in front of a computerized, two-armed bandit style terminal. They were then asked to pick between two shapes, one of which would give them a mild electrical shock when selected.The goal was for participants to keep a mental log of which shapes most often delivered electrical shocks and avoid choosing those shapes. The challenge was that the shocking shapes changed, sometimes frequently and other times not for a while. Regardless of shape change rate, highly anxious people had more trouble avoiding shocks than their less anxious counterparts. The researchers also tracked subjects’ eyes and noticed anxious people had less pupil dilation when they received a shock.

Pupil dilation is often a response to an unfamiliar and possibly hostile situation. It indicates alertness and a readiness to act. The fact that their pupils stayed small suggests that they were unable to adapt quickly. On the whole, participants prone to anxiety were simply less adept at taking in the new information about their environment and processing the rapidly changing game, a response thatthey would likely carry over in their regular lives. So this study helps to explain WHY anxious people crumble in the face of uncertainty – but what can be done to avoid that?